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Serenity Funeral Chapel
Life Celebration Center & Cremation Services of Idaho

502 2nd Avenue North | Twin Falls, ID 83301
Tel: 208-733-0991 | Fax: 1-208-733-3384

Heidi Heil provides a highly personalized, yet professional service in a very intimate atmosphere. But more than that, she has a very compassionate heart beating beneath her suit. After meeting Heidi, my husband made it clear to me that he wants Heidi to provide her services when the time comes. My husband is not easily impressed, but he is a great judge of character. And we both agree Heidi is built of the kind of moral fiber that renders respect. That is the kind of person I want to handle the funeral arrangements of my loved ones and I

Submitted by: Linda Rosa

I have personally known Heidi since 2005, while being colleagues in the Optimist Club: a charitable organization designed to reach out and aid poor children in the community. Everything that Miss Heil does, she throws her entire strength into, never giving less that 100%. Even though the county of Twin Falls has a large assortment of morticians, I chose Serenity when my mother died because I knew that Heidi Heil would treat her work more that "just a job."
I whole-heartedly recommend Heidi Heil as both a colleague and a service provider.

Submitted by: John Calvin Hall

Heidi Heil is very passionate about her profession.  She was compassionate and treated mom with dignity.  Heidi was very patient and spent the time needed to answer any and all questions.  Her understanding of the situation helped us to make difficult decisions.  Her attention to detail and follow through made a somber situation very peaceful.  I would, in clear conscious, recommend Serenity Funeral Chapel to anyone looking for a positive experience.

Submitted by: Marilyn Rowe

Compassion, Patient, Caring and Respectful. All these words help define the type of care you will get from Heidi. She is amazing at what she does! She sees families at their absolute lowest point, but helps bring you so much peace when you need it the most. Heidi, Thank You so much for taking such great care of our baby boy and helping us come up with such unique ways to remember him for years to come. You are such an amazing person and we appreciate all that you do!

Submitted by: Mandi and Matt Olson

When my husband passed away November 1, 2014 at Saint Luke’s Hospital, you were so kind to take care of every thing for me.

I was a mess and some days I  still am.  Your kindness was so appreciated. You were wonderful to me and family. Thank you hardly seems enough.  


Cheryl Ackerley

Submitted by: Cheryl Ackerley

I first met Heidi when my mom passed away in December 2013. I did not know anything about arrangements and preparations as I had never lost anyone so close to me and I had never been in charge of making arrangements. Heidi was patient with my moods of anger and sorrow of just losing my mom and was very professional but yet compassionate. She explained everything and clarified anything I did not understand and took care of everything she could on her end and provided me with everything I needed on my end. 8 1/2 months later, I lost my dad. As soon as she got the call in the middle of the night she messaged me right away to let me know she got the call and expressed her sympathy. She again made it as easy as she could to help me knowing I had just done this a few months prior and I was just devastated and overwhelmed with just losing both parents within months of each other. She truly understood the devastation I was in and again was very patient and compassionate. I believe Heidi takes pride in her position and does the very best she can to make such a horrible situation as bearable as possible. She did a very good job on both of my parents and they looked so wonderful and so peaceful.

Submitted by: Tracey Hoffman

Heidi you have been a class act and a sensitive, creative and amazing funeral director since you came on scene in Twin. My parent's and brother's funerals had to be held in Boise...and the most difficult part was not being able to have a friend behind the wheel. You're the best in the valley and I continue to recommend you to everyone!

Just calling it how I see it. You have a very intuitive way with families, and I have attended several services at Serenity....the families look to and lean on you like a friend or family member. I've seen you calm hyperventilating mothers and your hand on the shoulders of bewildered husbands still suffering from shock...you're their solid ground and light in the storm. I can't imagine what it takes of you emotionally and mentally, especially as a mother, to do what you do day after day. You manage to uphold traditions and respect families beliefs , but in a way that expects nothing of them and makes it okay to express grief and loss through a traditional service or a happy, casual celebration. Losing my entire family in under two years taught me that loss and grief have no rules...it is as unique as a fingerprint to each family. I really wish I could have had you, up there. We used a funeral home in Boise...and it was well done all three times, but more on the part of friends and family making it so and the funeral home just being rented space and poor communication to a grieving woman who trusted her family to them and could have used the support. They do funerals everyday....just because it was my family's fourth in two years didn't mean I didn't need the same support as the first one. You and your staff have a way of making the best and most comforting out of the sad and unthinkable. I'm just calling it how I see it.

Submitted by: Amy Jai

I really appreciate the compassion that Heidi displayed towards my family during our most difficult time this month...I am so glad that I had my son's cremation and services provided by her. Ehron Essig's whole family appreciate your care and professionalism, but also your warmth and kindness that I especially felt when you spent time talking to me. THANK YOU!

Submitted by: Sheryl Tresner

I have known Heidi and her family all my life and so when Mom passed I knew who I wanted caring for her. Heidi and her staff provided so much love and care in taking care of Mom but also with me. I had to plan a funeral from New York and Heidi was so knowledgeable with helping me with insurance matters and what I needed to take care of. The funeral was a loving celebration of who Mom was and I thank Heidi and Serenity for it all.Using Serenity was honestly the best decision ever..thank you so much Heidi!

Submitted by: Kay Schorzman

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