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 Q: What is the purpose of a funeral?

A: Funerals fill an important role for those mourning the loss of a loved one. By providing surviving family members and friends a caring, supportive environment in which to share thoughts and feelings about the death, funerals are the first step in the healing process.

The ritual of attending a funeral or cremation service provides many benefits including:

  • Providing a social support system for the bereaved.
  • Helping the bereaved understand death is final and that death is part of life.
  • Integrating the bereaved back into the community.
  • Easing the transition to a new life after the death of a loved one.
  • Providing a safe haven for embracing and expressing pain.
  • Reaffirming one’s relationship with the person who died.
  • Providing a time to say good-bye.

It is possible to have a full funeral service even for those choosing cremation. The importance of the ritual is in providing a social gathering to help the bereaved begin the healing process.

Q: I've never arranged a funeral or cremation before. What do I need to know?

A: At some time in our lives, most of us will make or assist in making funeral or cremation arrangements. This will not be an easy time, but the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) offers these tips for smart planning.

  1. Be an informed consumer. Don't be reluctant to ask questions.
  2. Today's funeral director offers a variety of options to meet your financial needs and wishes. Families should discuss all options with their funeral director when making arrangements.
  3. When selecting a funeral director, choose one who is licensed and has a good reputation in the community. Give thought to this decision as you would when choosing a doctor, attorney or other professional.
  4. Be prepared! Avoid the burden of making decision while under emotional stress by organizing details with your funeral director ahead of time. Remember ... preplanning doesn't necessarily mean prepaying.
  5. Plan a personal and meaningful ceremony or service to help you begin the healing process. Getting through grief is never easy but having a meaningful funeral will help.
  6. Contact a licensed funeral director or NFDA for more information on making meaningful arrangements.   

Q: Is it possible to plan a funeral or cremation in advance?

A: We recommend that everyone preplan his or her own funeral or cremation. Doing so can offer emotional and financial security for both you and your family. By preplanning a funeral you will get the kind of service you want and your family will be unburdened from making decisions at a stressful time. Preplanning doesn’t necessarily mean prepaying. If you are considering preplanning your funeral, please visit the Preneed section of this website or contact us for more information.

Q: Can I still have a funeral service if I choose cremation?

A: Yes. Cremation opens the doors to a number of different funeral options. From traditional services to contemporary celebrations, cremation gives you the flexibility to personalize the services for yourself or a loved one. To learn more about cremation, please visit the Cremation section of this website or contact us for more information.

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